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Download and archive your tax receipts

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Complete, simple and fast solution

The “EVVs” module of the Wini2 Customs software meets the online customs administration’s strategy following the introduction of the electronic customs receipt.

Depending on the role defined (Account holder, exporter, customs declarant), in just one click or automatically you can download
electronic tax decisions (DTe), both for exports and imports.

Coupled with the Wini2 Customs EDEC module

Possibility to view the customs assessment decision for a specific customs declaration.
Highlight declarations in yellow when the customs assessment decision are uploaded.

Automatic archiving

Electronic archiving in our data center

Automatic printing

Configure per user automatic print settings according to the document type.

Download the following documents

  • Royalty slips
  • VAT taxation decisions
  • Customs taxation decisions
  • Proof of reimbursement

User Tools

  • View and print EVVs
  • Local saving of PDF and XML documents
  • Sending supporting documents by email
  • Simple process of searching by filters (Account No., Document type, Unread, etc.)
  • View the EVVs downloaded in your “EDEC Import” and “EDEC Export” screen with the yellow highlighting tool

Electronic archiving of your legally compliant data during the
statutory 10-year period

The EVVs issued by the Federal Customs Administration are provided with an electronic signature. Therefore, they cannot be changed without it being apparent. This feature is no longer present if the DTe is in paper format.
Therefore, in addition to the correct preservation of your documents, the most important thing is to archive them in electronic form
in order to justify an original document and guarantee their traceability.