Informatique 2000 monitors businesses that work in the transport sector on a daily basis. This should give you an idea of our expert knowledge of the management problems that these companies encounter, and in particular, those of forwarding agents. In constant contact and always attentive to their needs, we develop customised applications that meet the requirements of their professions and that suit their development perfectly..


I2000 offers the following services :

  • Studies, analyzes and advice
  • Drafting of specifications
  • Custom development
  • Installation and configuration of standard or custom software solutions
  • On-site production, hosting or outsourcing
  • User training by our specialists
  • Assistance during the start-up phase of activities
  • Maintenance followed, management of changes and evolution

Whatever your needs, we can advise and guide you.



The i2000 solutions are highly user-friendly. We provide support to all the businesses in the starting, parameterising and learning phase. Our specialists in the different fields run these remote sessions from within our premises or directly on your site.


Our development team can implement a programming interface (Application Programming Interface or API) to enable the interaction of your programmes or data with other external programmes.

Customised Development

Our software solutions are provided in “standard” version which, in general, requires little modification. To meet your specific needs, we also develop “customised” software after an assessment of your needs and the specifications related to your particular business environment


On site or from our hosting centre, we ensure the maintenance operations required for proper functioning of your information system.
We are attentive to your requirements and are available to ensure optimum quality and level of service in the management of changes and developments and in increases in workload of the systems.


Updates are regularly installed so that you can take advantage of improvements in our software, new functions and new legal standards.


Support by telephone, web-conference or on site from 7:30 am to 6 pm (time period adaptable according to the service chosen).
Our specialists are trained in the problems of quality and requirements notably legal, specific to the transport, forwarding and customs sectors.

Secured data

We are aware of the importance of your data for your business and provide periodic backup stored in our data centre located in Switzerland, according to the features of your Internet line and which enables you to have a reliable backup of your data in two places at the same time.

One additional daily backup is done on an external medium, synchronised with our remote storage, thereby making it possible to prevent material failures of storage and to ensure the rapid restoration of your data.

We are immediately informed of any failure and respond as soon as possible in case of a problem.