Wini2 Gestion Stock  OCW

Wini2 Stock allows carriers and forwarders to manage their stocks and / or warehouses and to follow step by step the state, location and insured value.

Adapted to customs requirements, this software can be configured according to the needs of each client for their Open Customs Warehouse.

  Combinable with Wini2 File I Wini2 Invoicing I Wini2 Customs 

Main characteristics

  • Swiss positions: Possibility of registering customs positions with a corresponding designation
  • Foreign positions. Possibility to record a correspondence between a foreign position number and Swiss position, Possibility to integrate a correspondence file
  • Exchange rate: View exchange rates
  • Permits: Possibility to register permits beforehand

Management and configuration

  • List of items: Designation, Reference, Gender, Weight, Value, etc.
  • Directory of customer, supplier, shipper addresses, etc.
  • Stock types (OCW, Duty-free warehouses, Free)
  • Management of locations – Graphic and personalized visualization of locations